Support for Game Developers

Create inclusive, diverse games and XR+ inspired by architecture, art, and histories of Muslim societies and Islamic civilization

Are you committed to making games with fair, respectful representations of Muslims, and Islamic history and civilisation? That debunk common misconceptions and offer accurate, authentic alternatives to stereotypes?

I am too. Let’s work together.

Read Game Developer‘s coverage of my GDC 2024 talk here.

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How I help

  • Custom training on architecture, art, archaeology, material culture, and history
  • Alignment with IGDA and UKIE guidance on inclusion, equity, and cultural sensitivity in visuals, content, messaging
  • Guidance on specialist museum collections, including images for commercial use, and risk assessment
  • ‘Critical Friend’ insights, feedback, and recommendations on visuals and marketing materials at any stage
  • Private, focused art/architecture/archaeology tours
  • Advice on experts to support your project


  • Demonstrated co-development experience with AAA and academic partners
  • Ongoing indie development interest / experience
  • Established global professional networks across games, GLAM, and higher education sectors
  • Partnership with Edinburgh Innovations providing support, access to funding, studentships, and connections to Scottish industry and networks

“Thank you so much for your invaluable expertise, your commitment and your kindness in order to achieve the most authentic historical and cultural experience.”

“Thank you! It has been an honour and a pleasure to work with you!”

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