Digital Lab for Islamic Visual Culture & Collections (DLIVCC)

The Lab is exploring mixed reality technologies to create new experiences of Islamic spaces, objects, and histories. Contributing to the digital global cultural heritage landscape, its mission is making immersive experiences about Islamic art and history accessible to all.

Information on the Lab’s current and past projects is available here.

Based in the School of History of Art/ Edinburgh College of Art at the University of Edinburgh, the Lab brings together students and researchers from across the university to work on creative, interdisciplinary projects in collaboration with external partners in the games and GLAM sectors.

Internships & Learning Opportunities

Summer 2022: Internships (Remote or on-site): Digital Munya 2.0/Visual Culture of Andalusi Residences

Spring 2022: Postgraduate Research Assistantship (funded by Creative Informatics)

If you have ideas for an internship or learning opportunity do drop us a note and we can provide information on potential funding sources such as the Student Experience Grant at the University of Edinburgh. If you have funding in place we will be happy to discuss your interests and skills and if/how they might be a good fit for our projects.

Our Values & Ethics

Diversity. Inclusion. Justice. Respect. Creativity. Collaboration. Interdisciplinarity. Accessibility.

These are the values on which the Lab was founded, and which we strive to uphold through our work. What does this mean in practice?

We strive to make academic knowledge about Islamic art and history accessible outside the academy. We work on collaborative teams to create inclusive experiences and resources. We believe in equitable pay for all and we do not request or provide unpaid labour.

Recognising that digitisation and heritage come with significant ethical implications, our work is committed to the thoughtful application of new technologies. We are guided by the Creative Informatics Ethics Statement, which encourages best practices and thoughtful reflection on work with data and new technologies in the creative industries.

If you’re interested in getting involved with our work, or to be added to the Lab’s mailing list, please contact