April update: taking the video games work to Madrid, Córdoba, and London!

This month has been so busy with travel, and I’ve had a wonderful time speaking – including at Casa Árabe in Madrid and Córdoba.

I’ve admired their work for many years so it was a real pleasure to be invited to share my Digital Lab ongoing work with colleagues, students, and the public there.

If you follow me on social media you’ll find links to more, including a link to the radio interview featuring me and Dr. Blanco …

Photo with Rafael Blanco of Universidad de Córdoba and Javier Rosón of Casa Árabe

Right after that I was off to London for the OKRE 2024 Summit: Entertainment to Change the World.

Obviously a topic dear to my heart!

I was on the panel ‘Think digitally, think generationally, think differently’ with some truly inspiring women: Sofia Akel, Lorraine Ní Annracháin, Dr. Marcia Brophy, discussing:

‘How do we engage young audiences with societal issues like migration, poverty and the climate crisis whilst avoiding negatively impacting their mental health? A look at different platforms, formats and content in progress.’