Student News

University of Edinburgh


Congratulations to Sarah Slingluff on receiving an ARTES CEEH Travel Scholarship! The award supports her research on ‘Material Culture of the Arab/Berber Conquest: Excavations at the fortress of Zorita Castle and Surveying the Museums of the thaghr al-awsaṭ’

Morgan Owen traveled in Jordan over the winter break, carrying out field research on the Umayyad qusur (desert residences), thanks to generous support from a Postgraduate Research Expenses (PRE) Grant.

Current students

Sarah Slingluff – PhD candidate, History of Art. Sarah’s research focuses on the material culture of al-Andalus in the eighth and ninth centuries in the Southern Meseta and its display in museums.

Morgan Owen – MSc by Research candidate, Collections and Curating Practices. Morgan’s research focuses on the Umayyad qusur of Jordan from a perspective of heritage, management, and site curation.

Past students

Lyla Halsted (’16, MA Art History, UNC-Chapel Hill) is a doctoral candidate at the Institute of Fine Arts, NYU, where she focuses on talismanic materials in medieval Islamic art and architecture. Her research explores materiality, networks of exchange, and digital humanities.

Sarah Molina (’16, Morehead Cain Scholar, Art History, UNC-Chapel Hill) Sarah is a doctoral candidate in History of Art and Architecture at Harvard University, where she continues her research on late medieval and early modern Islamic art objects, theories of ornament, and the technical study of textiles.