Past Students

Primary Supervision

Morgan Owen, ‘Structural and Curatorial Alternatives to the UNESCO/State-Body Heritage Model: The Umayyad Qusur,’ (’20 MScR, Collections and Curating Practices)

Anna Stockhammer, ‘The Great Mosque of Cordoba – A Re-evaluation of its Decoration’ (’19 MSc, Late Antique Islamic Byzantine Studies (LAIBS), School of History, Classics & Archaeology)

Lyla Halsted, ‘Stone Balustrade with Animal and Vegetal Decoration: Contextualizing an architectural fragment in the Ackland Museum,’ (’16, MA Art History, UNC-Chapel Hill)

Secondary Supervision/Outside Reader

C. Shupe, ‘Growing up in al-Andalus: An osteological analysis of non-adult skeletal material in Ecija, Spain’ (’19, PhD, University of Edinburgh, History, Classics & Archaeology)

Emmanouil Kiapokas, ‘The power of water in the two oldest Arabic fragments of the Jami al-Tawarikh’ (’19 MSc, Late Antique Islamic Byzantine Studies (LAIBS), University of Edinburgh, School of History, Classics & Archaeology)

Qi Lu, ‘Grassland, Urban Space, and Ways of Life: The Seasonal Imperial City Qingzhou in the Khitan Liao Dynasty, 1031 CE–1125 CE’ (PhD, UNC-Chapel Hill, Art History)

Sumayya Ahmed, “Documentary Heritage Disclosure: The Case of the Hassan II Prize for Manuscripts and Archival Documents in Post-Colonial Morocco,” (PhD, UNC-Chapel Hill, School of Library and Information Science)

Joseph Williams, “Architectural Practice in the Medieval Mediterranean: The Church of S. Corrado in Molfetta, ca. 1100-1250 CE,” (PhD, Duke University, Art, Art History & Visual Studies)