A Medieval ‘First in Flight’ was made possible thanks to generous funding from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, College of Arts and Sciences Interdisciplinary Initiatives Program. Further funding was generously provided by the Art Department’s Beatrice B. Pearman Undergraduate Research Fund in Art.


We would like to thank our colleagues for generously sharing advice & expertise:

Nancy Allbritton (Chemistry/Biomedical Engineering)

Abigail Balbale (Bard College/Bard Graduate Center, Islamic Art & Material Culture)

Kenneth Donnelly (Biomedical Engineering)

Maribel Fierro (CSIC, Madrid)

Julia Galliker (University of Birmingham, UK)

Heather Gendron (Sloan Art Library)

Camilo Gómez-Rivas (UC Santa Cruz, Literature)

Mohamed Hamed (Davis Library)

Renata Holod (University of Pennyslvania, History of Art)

Devin Hubbard (Biomedical Engineering)

Julie Kimbell (Biomedical Engineering)

Anneka Lensen (UC Berkeley, History of Art)

Richard McLaughlin (Mathematics)

Marcus Milwright (University of Victoria, Art History & Visual Studies)

Jules Odendahl-James (Duke University, Dramaturgy)

Nasser Rabat (AKPIA, MIT)

Dwight Reynolds (UC Santa Barbara, Religious Studies)

Frank M. Robasky (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)

David Romito (Kenan Science Library)

Mamoun Sakkal (Sakkal Design)

Julio Samsó Moya (Universitat de Barcelona, Arabic/History of Science)

Catherine Scott (UNC-BEST)

Stuart Sears (Arabic Language Associates)

Alex Seggerman (Smith College, Art History)

Karim Sultan (Barjeel Art Foundation)
Header Image: Ibn Firnas lunar crater from Apollo 10